Columbia Gorge Hiking & Microbrew Tasting

I found this really cool place to stay through airbnb, and while we never had heard of Underwood, Washington, the photos of this place were so amazing that we had to check it out. I’m so glad we did.

We arrived in the dark Friday night and had a pretty difficult time finding it. Finding the roads were no problem but finding the guesthouse once we turned into the driveway was where we had our difficulties. We eventually found the right building and looked forward to exploring the area in the morning.

Our airbnb in Underwood

Waking up, we couldn’t believe the setting. It was gorgeous. Our plan for the weekend was just to hike and enjoy good beer at some of the various microbreweries in the area. We didn’t bring the kayaks or bikes or even our running shoes since I was still getting over a bad back.

After spending our morning drinking our coffee leisurely in our rustic cabin, we set off for our first hike of the weekend: Horsetail/Ponytail/Triple Falls Hike (#10 & 11 combined in Falcon Guide’s Hiking the Columbia River Gorge). It was beautiful, and the waterfalls were amazing. It took 3 hours to hike. We had lunch while sitting on a rock near a waterfall.

After our hike, we headed to our first microbrewery, Walking Man Brewery in Stevenson, Washington. Awesome place. Could definitely go back there. There’s a nice outdoor area, but it was full, so we sat inside. Having just been hiking for a few hours, that really wasn’t a problem.

After a beer there, we headed east to White Salmon knowing that there was a microbrewery there too to check out, plus we wanted to explore the Washington side of the gorge, which neither one of us has really done. Carson, Washington is not such a nice place. But White Salmon is. I had no idea. The brewpub destination here was Everybody’s Brewing. We had dinner and beer outside on the deck, sharing a large table with others. Very nice.

We eventually made our way back to our cabin and walked around the property a bit with Amber while visiting with the dogs who lived there. They were quite the characters.

Airbnb dogs

Our second and last day there, we chose to hike Lancaster Falls (hike #35 in the book), which was described as “A short hike to one of the gorge’s least-visited waterfalls, starting from spectacular Starvation Falls”. Not my favorite hike. It’s the least visited waterfall for a reason. The first part of the trail paralleled the highway, so you heard cars, although it was pretty. And the last part of the trail was under powerlines, which was not so pretty. There was quite a bit of evidence of construction activity, probably by the power company, making it a little difficult to find the trail at times.

Before leaving town after the hike, we stopped in Hood River for lunch at a cute little house-turned-into-a-restaurant, where we ate on the deck overlooking the gorge. We did need to secure our napkins and all light objects, because of the wind, but that’s to be expected in the gorge.

We took the Washington side home, which takes a bit longer, but neither one of us had done it for awhile. Just east of Maryhill Museum is the Stonehenge replica, which I had never seen before. If you don’t know about it, it is the first monument in the US to honor the dead of World War I, specifically soldiers from Klickitat County, WA who had died in the still on-going war. The altar stone is placed to be aligned with sunrise on the Summer Solstice. Very interesting place. I can’t believe I’d never been. A must stop if you haven’t see it.

A perfect weekend spent in the gorge.


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