Best Business Trip Ever and Kayaking to Sandpoint

I recently started a new business venture. I’ve started teaching QuickBooks to small business owners, aspiring bookkeepers and employed bookkeepers wanting a little extra help. My plan is to travel from town to town while sharing my knowledge. I hold classes for 4-8 people and spend one full day teaching them how to use QuickBooks, and if they want to learn payroll, I’ll teach them that the following day. As of July 2014, I’ve only taught 2 classes, one in Moscow, Idaho and one in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

For my third class, I want to teach in Sandpoint. Of course, I’m only teaching my class in towns I love. My only problem was that while Sandpoint offers great community advertising for things like this (much more so than Coeur d’Alene which is a lot larger), I’m still struggling getting students. I have 1 student registered but obviously want more than that. I needed to go up there and hang flyers. There had to be lots of community bulletin boards all over Sandpoint just like there are in Moscow.

We got up to Springy Point on Friday after work. This was our second time camping at Springy Point, and what a different place it was from our first visit. It’s all about timing, let me tell you. Our first time to Springy Point was 3 years prior during the first weekend in June, when it was still quite cold in north Idaho, and the place was empty other than a couple Canadians. But now, being mid-summer and a weekend, it was full. We still got a space without a reservation, but we wouldn’t have gotten one had we arrived much later than we did.

Really lucky to get this spot

Waking up Saturday morning, we were on a flyer distribution mission. But we were going to do this in an untraditional manner, because I am not a traditional person. I did not want to get into the car and drive around Sandpoint pinning up flyers. I wanted to kayak there. Awesome idea, huh?! So after our morning coffee and David’s breakfast, we jumped into our kayaks loaded with tacks and flyers in a waterproof case and off we went in the direction of Sandpoint.

Coming into Sandpoint

It took a bit longer than we’d anticipated. What takes only 15 minutes by car takes quite a bit longer in kayak. We think we kayaked 11 miles that day, Springy Point to downtown Sandpoint being 5 1/2 miles one way. Unfortunately I don’t know how long it took us, but it must have been 3 hours or so. Arriving, we were fairly tired, but we now had work to do walking around town and posting flyers. About 20 blocks later, in 90 degree heat, we were fairly wiped out. I felt like we needed to post more flyers, but it was just too exhausting. We still needed to get back to Springy Point after all. I think we ate lunch at Spud’s, since we always eat there, being our favorite place in Sandpoint, because of it’s location and outdoor seating. But since this is over a year later, I can’t quite remember. What I do remember is getting back into the kayaks and knowing we had a few hours of paddling/pedaling ahead of us before we could relax. We needed to plan this better next time. We were still fairly new to distance paddling and obviously had no idea how long it takes to get a certain number of miles. It seems to me like the way back was actually easier. I wasn’t in as much as a rush, since I knew we had plenty of time to get back to camp, since the sun wouldn’t be setting until 9 pm or so.

The next day, we got back in the kayaks and kayaked across the lake to Dover Bay. This paddle was just under 4 miles total and took 3 hours total paddling time. We were taking it VERY easy. We had lunch at the Dover Bay restaurant with the outside seating by the lake. It was my first look at Dover Bay, and I really liked what I saw. I made a mental note to self to go back there sometime soon and check it out a little more thoroughly.

At Springy Point Campground

Hopefully my flyer distribution expedition would bring in some more students for my upcoming class the following weekend.


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