2nd Best Business Trip Ever & Biking around Dover

Sadly, our flyer distribution expedition by kayak did not result in any additional students for my class. But I didn’t cancel the class and had a nice one-on-one session with my one registered student. Sort of felt strange, but I wanted the practice, and she wanted to learn more QuickBooks, so it was a win-win.

As I was arriving at Springy Point for my 3rd time ever, this particular Wednesday evening, I noticed a sign for a second loop to the left. I’d never noticed this sign before. I pulled into the hidden loop, and Holy Moly. What a find! Such a better loop. I secured my most awesome spot, with a filtered lake view and lakefront property where I would be hanging my Eno hammock 2 feet away from the lake, and settled in.

Springy Point – other loop

Waking up in the Chalet Thursday morning, I drove over to The Office, Sandpoint’s co-op community working space, for my class. Very nice place. We went through the material much faster than usual, since there was only 1 student. We went ahead and covered the payroll piece on Thursday instead of holding the payroll session the next day. Seemed like a lot of information for one day, but my student seemed to be absorbing it all, so we kept going. The great thing about this new development was that I had all day Friday to do whatever I wanted to do in Sandpoint. Luckily I’d brought my bike!

The next day, I drove into Sandpoint, which is across the bridge from Springy Point, parked close to downtown, and then biked to Dover on the bike path that connects the 2 communities. It’s only about 3 miles, and while it was parallel to the road the whole way, it was still pretty nice. Biking into Dover may have even been cooler than kayaking into Dover, because once I got there, there were miles of bike paths to follow. Dover is a planned community and a very cool one at that. I never would’ve thought I’d be into the planned community idea, but I have to say that I LOVE Dover! Having first kayaked there, then biked there, and then biked around it for hours, I am sold.

Dover bike trail

After hanging out and biking around Dover as long as possible, I eventually made my way back to Sandpoint. I biked by this extremely cool consignment store called Foster’s Crossing, which of course I had to check out, scoring big time with some great finds. I love this teaching gig. Now if I could only get more students to sign up for the class.


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