February in Vernon

We left for Canada Saturday morning. So excited to get out of the country. And we were going to an area of BC that we didn’t know very well. Why, any of you who know Vernon, might ask? Because there was the cutest little place on airbnb that I wanted to stay at. Plus, there was also a ski mountain and cross-country trails there.

Driving up, we drove by Christina Lake, which had been recommended to David as being a lake we must visit. I’m honestly not so sure why, but maybe it was just a bad time of year to see it. We proceeded to drive towards Vernon. I hadn’t printed off or written down any directions, figuring I could use my phone’s gps capabilities. That was a mistake. My phone went blank on me about 15 minutes north of the border, because I don’t have an international plan. Oops. I didn’t even know the address to the place we were going.

Miraculously, we actually found our guesthouse without the use of a gps, map or written directions. I remembered the street the guesthouse was on, and luckily, we saw the street. We just drove down the street until we saw the house, which I recognized from the airbnb website listing. Man, were we lucky! We checked in, loving the place, and settled in to our new Canadian home for the weekend.

our airbnb

This weekend was actually a gift to David because he loves winter sports, and as I mentioned, Vernon has a ski mountain and cross-country ski trails. But sadly, this winter, there was very little snow. Since the snow was so poor that season, we opted not to take advantage of the ski mountain and trails and decided to explore what Vernon had to offer. Our second big mistake. We soon learned that Vernon is definitely not a thriving destination spot in the off-season or the bad snow season. Not a lot to do here. And unfortunately it was tough hanging out at our guesthouse too long because that place was cold. Those Canadians are hearty people who can really withstand the cold. Not me. I was pretty much cold the whole time. Ironically, this valley is considered the banana belt of Canada.

Driving back home, we had lunch at Pentictin, which appeared to be a town worthy of a trip back.

While our weekend hadn’t turning out as planned, poor Amber, David’s dog, was having an even worse weekend. She was being boarded at a vet in Spokane Valley. At 12 years old, she was struggling in health. This ended up being Amber’s last weekend. Two days later, she left us. Rest in peace, Amber. You were a loyal and loved companion. You’ll be missed.


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