Columbia Gorge Camping

This was a quick trip as the main goal was for David to run the White Salmon Half Marathon. David and I took off work on Friday and drove west to the Columbia Gorge. Seeing as how it was so close to Portland and a Friday night, we were concerned that we might not get a spot if we got there after quitting time. It was nice having all day to drive just 5 hours. We had an early dinner in Hood River, and then we got lost trying to find Moss Creek Campground having lost cell service in the trees, and we couldn’t use the gps. We still managed to find the campground, taking the long way. Beautiful drive. After setting up camp, which takes about 10 minutes with the Chalet travel trailer, we set out to explore.

Moss Creek Campground

What a great campground! Very moist and lush. We walked down to a fast moving stream that was gorgeous. After our exploration, my sister, Tami, arrived. We don’t see each other often enough so we had lots to talk about around the fire. Since David was running the White Salmon Backyard Half the next day, we went to bed at a decent time.

The next morning, we headed to the race. Similar to our experience finding the campground, we were completely unprepared to find the race. We’d been to White Salmon before and figured we could find it again. We forgot the town is up high on the hill, not by the river. We eventually remembered and David found his way to the starting line. Tami and I were to be spectators, since due to an injury, I wouldn’t be running it.

View from White Salmon

So off David went to run up and down the mountain when the gun went off. It was a trail run. I was actually quite surprised how organized the race was, because the reason it was on my list of races to run is because it was supposedly completely unorganized, there’s no cost, it starts and end in a park, it’s a loop, and there’s music and beer at the end. And to hear David describe it, it was an incredible route too. I really want to run it next year!

For the 2 hours that David was running, Tami and I explored White Salmon. This is something that could’ve probably been done in 10 minutes. We mosied on back to the park, had a lot of time to chat and catch up, and eventually the runners started coming through the finish line.

Race finish

David made it through earlier than we were expecting and was still full of energy. We wanted to go to Everybody’s Brewing in White Salmon, but they don’t allow dogs, and Tami had her dog, Mike, with her, so that was out. So we drove north to Walking Man Brewery in Stevenson.

At camp for dinner, I made foil-wrapped calzones on the campfire. We all explored the campground together and talked around the fire until bedtime. The next morning, Tami headed southwest, and David and I headed northeast. I feel like there’s so much to explore in the gorge that I need an entire year to devote to it. There’s a lot to see and a lot of camping to experience there.

Campfire calzones

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