Baseball in Libby, Montana

I love traveling to away tournaments for my son’s baseball games, especially when they’re held in exceptionally beautiful country. The trip started with a non-tournament baseball game in Bonners Ferry, then on to Libby, Montana, for the Big Bucks Tournament.

On Wednesday at noon, I dropped my son off at the team bus. He headed north with the team, and I did the same. As a newbie, I was one of the few parents who had no idea where the field was. I figured I could find it. It was Bonners Ferry, Idaho, population 2,473. How could I not find it? Well, it was difficult let me tell you. Bonners Ferry has a lot of baseball fields surprisingly! I met a lot of friendly people in the process and eventually found my way to the right field. I even found it with enough time to spare that I took advantage of an acupuncturist in town that advertised walk-ins. Crazy. Who’d a thunk I’d get my first (and only) acupuncture treatment in Bonners Ferry. For the record, the acupuncture didn’t relieve my pain unfortunately. I was looking for relief of my sciatic/piriformis syndrome situation that began in March. Good thing it only cost $30.

Back to baseball. I got to the game about 10 minutes late. It was a great game. They’re really great kids, and I love watching them play. I don’t think any of you reading a travel blog want to hear about baseball, so I’ll skip the details. It was a great way to travel though. Being in a small town near the Canadian border, hanging out with people I know from my hometown while watching my son play baseball is pretty nice.

I think they won, but honestly I can’t even remember. It’s now 3 months later, because I typically blog my trips months afterward. Jack can probably tell you play by play of the entire game, but not me. After the game, I drove northeast 30 minutes to Yaak River Campground. Soooooo amazing. Love that place. I must explain that it was extremely hot this week, which was very abnormal for this time of year in Montana and Idaho. It was sweltering. This campground sits on the confluence of the Yaak and the Kootenay Rivers. It was especially great, because the rivers were so loud that they drowned out the sound of my camping neighbor’s generator.

Yaak River Campground

The tournament started the next day, and it was hot. Not that any of us parents could complain. We were in the shade. The boys were all in the direct sun. Even the dugout was in the sun. None of the boys seemed to mind much. They never complained even afterward.

I spent a little time during the heat of the day between games at the Troy, Montana library. I didn’t have WiFi or cell coverage at Yaak River Campground, so I chose the library to catch up on e-mails and calls. I hate that I have to stay so connected, but with the guesthouse, I really do need to connect every half day or so. But I honestly never mind spending time in a library and especially this one, which is pretty nice. It was so well-used too. People were constantly coming and going. Sadly, they’re losing funding and are in jeopardy of closing. I really hope that doesn’t happen.

Troy, Montana Library

Between Troy and Libby, is a trailhead to the Swinging Bridge and Kootenai Falls. It was a nice hike to a long swinging bridge, which was a nice surprise. Way cooler than I expected it to be. And it was a longer hike than I expected it to be.

Swinging Bridge

David arrived late on Friday. We watched lots of baseball over the weekend, hung out by the river to cool off and explored the area.

I don’t remember which river this is

Jack’s team placed third in the tournament. Can’t wait to go back next year.


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