San Diego

Trying that different format again…

FRIDAY TO SATURDAY: Left at 7 pm on Friday, slept in Sacramento airport, arrived in San Diego at 7 am on Saturday. Took uber to airbnb apt on Bankers Hill, dropped off bags and met my airbnb host, Billy, then set out to explore. Walked downtown, found library, where I joined a self-guided architectural tour of downtown buildings. Toured the library, the high school charter school on the 5th and 6th floors of the library which was extremely cool. Was walking to firehouse with man from New York when we passed free tour of old buildings, which I joined without him. It was sort of a good tour, but I’d thought it was going to be the ghost tour, so I was slightly disappointed. Met some very nice people on the tour though. Finished up at about 1 and was starving so I headed back. I walked by Farmers Market in Little Italy and bought some pita chips and hummus and ate on a picnic bench. Dropped off food at apt then walked up to Hillcrest to check out used bookstore and Buffalo Exchange and to buy some groceries at Whole Foods. Had to walk back 2 miles fairly quickly since I had half ‘n half and ice cream.

Not the most comfortable sleep
Leaving the airport…Palm Trees!
Baseball field is right downtown
Kids’ baseball field adjacent to Balboa Park
Fantastic Library

SUNDAY: went back up to Buffalo Exchange to buy a shirt I’d had them hold for me then walked back down to apt via Balboa Park. I’d thought I’d spend all day there and do the zoo but I didn’t like it. Went back to apt to sit for 30 minutes and have a snack then headed down to water. Explored the harbor and Little Italy.

Ping pong!
They were playing cricket
Little Italy
There’s a great park right downtown by the water

MONDAY: took the 8:23 Coaster train at Santa Fe Train Depot to Oceanside. Took an hour and a half to get there. Didn’t really like Oceanside. Bought a sandwich at New Jersey Mike’s sub shop and got back on train for Carlsbad Village. Like Carlsbad Village a lot more. Beach was much better and shopping was a lot better, but things were way too expensive in Carlsbad Village, and the place seemed a bit pretentious. Would’ve had to wait another 2-3 hours for the next Coaster train, so I took a bus to Encinitas. Not much to do in Encinitas if you’re not a surfer. Couldn’t even hang out on the beach, as the cliffs prevent that. Hopped back on train and met really nice guy from Brazil who was in San Diego for 6 months for an English immersion program. We got off in Old Town, where he took another bus and I explored Old Town but found it to be more touristy than Oceanside. I was exhausted so I sat down in a courtyard and drank a beer in the filtered sunlight while I read my book. I got back on the last train, after helping 2 other people find their way, and got back to San Diego at around 5. Walked back via Little Italy, exploring more of India Street and decided that’s my favorite neighborhood. Came home and ate frozen dinner and fell asleep on couch while watching Complete Unknown with Rachel Weisz. Went to bed at 8:30 totally exhausted.

Headed north on the train
Beach at Carlsbad Village
Cabrillo Power from the train
Yoga Retreat Center in Encinitas

TUESDAY: planned on walking as little as possible today as I shin splints and my feet were killing me. Went to James Coffee in Little Italy on north end of Little Italy. Loved the ambiance the day before, but the coffee was the worst coffee I’d ever had. Worked on Browne Block Guest House website for about an hour then walked down to the tall ships at the Maritime Museum. Bought a ticket for the self-guided tour and a 4-hour sail that will take place Wednesday. Toured the ships and it was amazing. Loved it. Wish Jack had been with me, because he would’ve loved it. Had a late lunch at Bolt Brewery, where I e-mailed Governor Otter about a bill that’s coming up for his vote about guesthouses (someone had called me from airbnb while I was at James Coffee and asked me to e-mail him). Got back to apt at 4:30, worked on computer, called Mom and settled in. Watched Train to Lisbon, chatted with Billy a lot, and got to bed at 10:30.

Touring the old ships
Lots of great ships
I could’ve hung out in this one for hours

WEDNESDAY: Slept in a bit and went down to harbor for the 10:45 departure of my sailboat, America, which was a replica of the boat that won a race around the Isle of Wright, thus naming the race “the America’s Cup”. It was a whale watching tour, and we were out 5 1/2 hours, and we did see a momma whale and her baby from afar. It was pretty cool. I’d taken a Dramamine right before we departed, and I got too sleepy. I won’t do that again, because I don’t even think I needed it. I had to drag myself up the hill to the apt then went straight to sleep briefly waking up to eat some chips for dinner, brush my teeth and go back to bed.

A cruise ship

THURSDAY: took a bus to La Jolla today. Met an Australian couple on the bus that are doing a 5-month around the world cruise. Saw the seals and their pups. It was pupping season! So cute. Spent a bit of time watching them and the waves and ended up walking south along the shoreline and decided to try to walk back. Walked as far as Pacific Beach, which was 4.5 miles. Walked the last 15 minutes with a college kid from San Jose State. He was about to meet a girl on the beach to study who was from Idaho, but we never did learn what town in Idaho before we parted ways. Luckily I ran into a bike share corral at the beach, so I signed up for a bike for an hour and biked 4 miles to Dog Park in Ocean Beach, crossing 2 bridges and getting a little lost, but made it to the bike drop-off corral with 8 minutes to spare. Had liked Pacific Beach the best and Mission Beach too, which sort of blended together, but didn’t care for Ocean Beach at all. I ended up taking a bus from Ocean Beach back to the harbor and had a lunch at Bolt Brewery and charged my phone, so I could call an Uber when I went back up to the apt to grab my stuff. All worked out perfectly and ended up making it to the airport with plenty of time before my flight took off. Amazingly busy last day!

La Jolla
A La Jolla Cave – don’t know if this a famous one or even much about the caves
Great path in La Jolla
I had no idea I was coming during pupping season 🙂
Love these guys!
I think this was Pacific Beach

Things that surprised me about San Diego: so many smokers, people were extremely friendly, it was chilly like in Santa Barbara, and so many people owned dogs and even multiple dogs. There was a lot of homeless people, which wasn’t too surprising but it took a bit of getting used to.


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