Olympic National Park

I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for 20 years now, and finally went to the Olympics. For the first half of our week-long vacation, my sister and I first stayed at Kalaloch Campground on the coast then moved to Sol Duc for the second half. I spent additional nights at Denny Creek Campground just west of Seattle, which was pretty great, as the area had amazing hiking.

Driving clockwise around Olympic NP, we visited

  1. Lake Quinalt
  2. Kalaloch
  3. Hoh Rain Forest
  4. Sol Duc Hot Springs then
  5. Lake Crescent

We didn’t see any of the northwest section of the park unfortunately, since we only had a week. But I’m so glad I finally got to see this park.

Denny Creek Campground just east of Seattle with excellent hiking
I took this hike from Denny Creek CG a few times during my stay, because it’s so great
It even leads to a waterfall
This is more challenging than it looks About 60% of the stream crossers fall. Very entertaining. I didn’t do it, since I didn’t have a way to protect my phone.

Denny Creek to Kalaloch

I got my haircut in Olympia, Washington and bought some books at a great bookstore there called Browsers Bookshop. Drove around the south end of the park and met Tami at Lake Quinalt Lodge for lunch, then we drove up to  Kalaloch Campground. Kalaloch was our base while we hiked Hoh River Rainforest.

July on the Washington Coast
Our most awesome campsite at Kalaloch
This was either Hoh Rain Forest or a trail right from our campground
We never saw him. Good thing.
A lot of backpackers slept next to the river here on their first or last night of backpacking from/to Hoh Rainforest. I dropped my phone here and cracked it on a rock. Luckily I could still take pictures.
Either the trail right from Kalaloch CG or it was Hoh. I thought the trail from the campground was even prettier and more lush than Hoh. It definitely had less people.
Beach biking

Kalaloch to Sol Duc

Driving up to Sol Duc, we took a hiking trail that led to a really pretty beach. We hiked a few trails at Sol Duc, and there was a nice trail leading from the campground to the hot springs. Sol Duc was our base for exploring Lake Crescent.

This was on the way from Kaloloch to Sol Duc. I don’t remember what it was called but it was extremely cool.
Trail from Sol Duc Campground
Sol Duc Hot Springs – there are 4 pools, all with different temperatures
More hiking around Sol Duc
Everything was photo worthy
Water was everywhere
Aah….filtered sunlight
Our even more awesome campsite at Sol Duc
On the trail to the hot springs from the campground
Lake Cresent Lodge
It seemed like everyone at this lodge was on their phones
Lake Crescent area
A hike from Lake Crescent
Around Lake Crescent
Love this
Lake Crescent
Great hiking trail on the north side of Lake Crescent
Another photo of that north side trail

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